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o2 Architecture is dedicated to discovering the essence of place. We create memorable places places that add up to good community good, healthy, and sustainable places to work and live in. Our buildings are restrained in their architectural design but great attention is paid to how people feel as they approach, enter and use the building. In our residential projects we focus on creating neighborhoods. They are understandable, support walking, and include communal buildings as a centerpiece. The dwellings have fronts that welcome people home, and support public-way activities and interaction. During the past fifteen years we have planned and designed architectural projects of nearly every type visitor centers, medical office buildings, hospitality housing for families of critically ill patients, fitness centers, community centers, churches, restaurants, office buildings, hotels, warehouses, multi and single-family residences from affordable to high-end. We know the forces that drive good architectural design and have developed the experience and desire to make projects successful. We advocate a participatory and collaborative design process between client, builders, specialists, and architectural team, from conceptualization through realization.