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Palm Springs Life Home + Design Cover.jpg
Palm Springs Life Home + Design

Summer 2023

Ford-Hart Residence

"While they maintained the original footprint of the home, additional glass portals and open-air thresholds cultivate an indoor-outdoor experience that’s simultaneously effortless and revelational, not unlike Japan’s famous 'hide and reveal' gardens."

MeYahWhae_Tahquitz cover.jpg

Fall/Winter 2022

Tahquitz Canyon Visitor Center

“From an environmental point of view, it is a building that works very sympathetically with the rhythms of the canyon. It has a strong eye toward durability and works with the natural forces, from water and energy conservation to staff working with daylight and a view.” 

Palm Springs Life

Nov 2022

Eldorado Tres

“It has a quiet presence that doesn't reveal itself all at once. The palm grove is its oasis that you walk through before the end of the path. From the protection and microclimate of the oasis, you go into the home, and there's all this delight inside.” 

Luxe Intro Page.jpg
Luxe Interiors + Design

Southern California | Nov Dec 2020

o2 Architecture 

"Wide Open Spaces -- A design dream team creates a modern desert oasis in the Coachella Valley."

Written by Monique Mcintosh

Photography by Mike Schwartz

Architecture: Lance O'Donnell, o2 Architecture

Interior Design: Steve Kadlec, Kadlec Architecture + Design

Home Builder: Jeff A. Stoker, Stoker Construction Inc.

Landscape Architecture: Julie deLeon, Groundwork Design

2 Town and Country Vintage 01.jpeg
Annual Architecture + Design Tour

Southampton Arts Center | Jul 2020

o2 Architecture 

Lance O'Donnell presents the architectural history behind Palm Spring's Mid-century modernism.

Lance Photo.jpg
R/M Magazine
022_Front 7.jpg
CMU Profiles in Architecture

Jury Comments | Oct 2018

South Palm Canyon Uno

"Mountains surround the project site and provide 270-plus degrees of scenic views. Sensitivity to the South Palm Canyon location is expressed in the site design that set out to establish a direct relationship with the mountain vistas and solar patterns. By orienting the home’s indoor/outdoor living to the south and north, the project maximizes passive heating and cooling strategies and promotes cross ventilation from the prevailing cooling breezes. In recognizing the 80-foot deep and 250-foot long trapezoidal boundary, site geometry informed major design decisions and resulted in a series of volumes running east-west with proximity to the street and the demand of privacy."

fall-2018 cover.jpg
017_Back 4.jpg
Palm Springs Life Home + Design

Fall 2018

South Palm Canyon Uno

“The quality of the architecture is the most satisfying feature of the home. Because we were able to build from the ground up, everything was crafted to suit our needs.” 

Architectural Digest.jpg
Architectural Digest 2.jpg
Architectural Digest: Emily Summers’s Midcentury Modern California Desert Retreat

Mar 2017

Summers Residence

“The designer interviewed a number of architects for the renovation, settling on Lance O’Donnell, a local talent who had rehabilitated one of the club’s Cody residences and who is, says Summers, “a true modernist who understands all the great Palm Springs architects."” 

Tropic Magazine

Feb 2017

Las Palmas Heights


"For a home recently completed in the desert landscape of Palm Springs, California, o2 Architecture capitalized on the site's existing features..."

madison uno.jpg
palm springs life logo.jpg
Madison 62B Pool 3.jpg
Palm Springs Life

Jan 2016

Madison Uno 

"This home strikes a balance between grand and intimate. It feels tranquil while at the same time glamorous and elegant."

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 3.37.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 3.40.40 PM.png
Tropic Magazine

Nov 2015

N Via Las Palmas


"Led by architect Lance O'Donnell, o2 revived this one-time beauty paying attention to what the original once was, and using that as a jumping off point to design what the home wanted to be going forward."

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 11.45.22
Living inside Out.jpg
Tropic Magazine

Jan 2015



"Lance O'Donnell at o2 Architecture creates a Palm Springs residence that tips its hat to the past and gives its owners everything they wanted, and then some..."

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 9.01.02 AM cop
East Verbena Drive.jpg
Signature Home Tour

Feb 2015

1272 East Verbena Drive


"Working with Wexler and architect Lance O'Donnell, the home's current owner completed the most recent version of the house with a number of changes that respect the original design, while reinventing it for the 21st century. It is no longer a midcentury family home. Today, it illustrates a cutting-edge minimalist aesthetic."

dee residence 1.jpg
dee residence 7.jpg
dee residence 4.jpg
dee residence 8.jpg
Dee Residence .jpg
CMU Profiles in Architecture

Jury Comments | Oct 2014

Indian Trail

"This custom home is built on a gently sloping (10’ vertical over 200’) desert lot in Rancho Mirage, California.  The clients required a home that would accommodate their six children (ages 1-12) and withstand the rigors of an active family environment.  The Architect wanted to create a thermally efficient home that replicated and embraced the local desert topography."

PS Modern Heritage Fund.jpg
Chrysler Michael Residence

Fall 2014

71049 Early Times Road, Rancho Mirage


"Following completion of the restoration in 2010, the home was listed on the City of Rancho Mirage Register of Historic Resources."

Fabulous Prefab.jpg
Palm Springs Life

April 2014

Rock Reach Dos


"O'Donnell says, "I have a visceral understanding of this climate. It deeply influences the way I think and approach thing." The architect's personal and professional affinities proved a fitting combination..."

Lance and Wexler.jpg
the desert sun logo.png
wexler steel update.jpg
The Desert Sun: Wexler's Last House Takes Place

Feb 2014

Wexler & Harrison Steel House


"The forefront of midcentury modern architecture was using technology that was coming out after the war and trying to further the progression of architecture, and now we're doing the same thing." 

rancho vista uno 2.jpg
the desert sun logo.png
rancho vista uno 3.jpg
The Desert Sun: Zero-net Houses Produce As Much Energy As They Use

May 2013

Rancho Vista Uno


"O'Donnell balanced the aesthetics and indoor comfort with specially designed external window screens - essentially two sheets of metal, each with slightly different patterns of perforations - that the couple can roll over or off the glass depending on the time of day."

ultralight photo 2.jpg
Desert Magazine

Jan 2013

Araujo Residence


"Restored to the thin profile first envisioned almost 50 years ago by Palm Springs midcentury architect William F. Cody, this understated, elegant Indian Wells residence sits lightly on the land."

steel modern.jpg
Gilbert Troost Residence.jpg
From the President


Gilbert-Troost Residence


"Partners Brett Gilbert and Glenn Troost... decided to work with frequent Wexler collaborator, architect Lance O'Donnell, and Blue Sky Building Systems contractor David McAdam, to build a new steel home on the site."

Palm Springs Life

October 2012


"Before an audience of about 200 preservation activists, students, and parents at the May 8 meeting, preservation foundation members unveiled the adaptive reuse plan designed by O'Donnell in conjunction with Wexler."

rock reach.jpg
the desert sun logo.png
Young Guns of Modern Architecture

Mar 2012

Rock Reach


"These architects are "the future," Wexler said. "You couldn't pick a better bunch," Wexler said of O'Donnell, Hudson and Marmol. "They remind me of the early days when Stew Williams, Bill Cody and I were working in Palm Springs.""

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 2.34.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 9.14.57 AM.png
Palm Springs Life

May 2010

2299 Via Monte Vista Residence


"After homeowners declare themselves "ready" to build with sustainable materials and energy-efficient features, architects "aim" the structure, accounting for the angles of the sun and the direction of the wind for the season."

Orbit In.jpg
Metropolis: Architecture < Culture > Design

Oct 2001

Orbit In


"It's the 1950s with all of the style, none of the icky social mores, and an added dash of useful technology."

Arch Record.jpg
Arch Record Emerging Architect 2001 June
Tahquitz 2.jpg
Architectural Record: For and About the New Generation of Architects 

June 2001

Tahquitz Canyon Visitor Center


"We were both so motivated and so energized once our ideas came together that nothing could stop us. We learned how to weld and worked at our peril with grinders and sanders and things over our heads and sparks flying," says O'Donnell.

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