Las Palmas Heights

Capitalizing on the site’s existing natural features, this 2016, 3 bedroom/3.5 bath, 3,250 square foot design set out to establish a direct relationship and comprehensive spatial experience. Sloping 20' from north to south and compromised of a combination of imported fill, we set out to preserve and capture this natural arroyo of 60+ year old creosote bushes and undisturbed deeply patina/weathered boulders. We were able to capture the natural site slope by stepping the structure’s masses while preserving and reinforcing the arroyo. Entering the home at the street grade conceals the unfolding and unexpected precession to the south pool yard and beyond. The shape is formed by two intersecting rectangular bars; such that the lower Master wing's roof becomes the upper Kitchen's interior soffit and then continues out again to become the exterior roof of the Breezeway and Garage. The continuity of wall and roof are clearly perceptible and are the consequence of the design team solving multiple challenges with singular design moves. Underpinning the home's fusion of indoor and outdoor space is a covered Lanai that functions as a year-round outdoor room; connecting living, dining, and entertainment areas to the pool/spa and mountain views. Finally, the solar electric system is seamlessly integrated into the sloping roof, illustrating again one of the many ways the design solves multiple challenges with a single stroke.