Tropic Magazine

John T O'Conner | Feb 2017

Regional Modernism 

"For a home recently completed in the desert landscape of Palm Springs, California, o2 Architecture capitalized on the site's existing features..."

Tropic Magazine

John T O'Conner | Nov 2015


"Led by architect Lance O'Donnell, o2 revived this one-time beauty paying attention to what the original once was, and using that as a jumping off point to design what the home wanted to be going forward."

Tropic Magazine

John T O'Conner | Jan 2015


"Lance O'Donnell at o2 Architecture creates a Palm Springs residence that tips its hat to the past and gives its owners everything they wanted, and then some..."

Palm Springs Life

Liz Mazurski | April 2014


"O'Donnell says, "I have a visceral understanding of this climate. It deeply influences the way I think and approach thing." The architect's personal and professional affinities proved a fitting combination..."

Palm Springs Life

Katie Mills | October 2012


"Before an audience of about 200 preservation activists, students, and parents at the May 8 meeting, preservation foundation members unveiled the adaptive reuse plan designed by O'Donnell in conjunction with Wexler."

Palm Springs Life

Nicole Borgenicht | May 2010


"After homeowners declare themsealves "ready" to build with sustainable materials and energy-efficient features, architects "aim" the structure, accounting for the angles of the sun and the direction of the wind for the season."